Dear Sponsors Of The Rotary Club Of Westminster,

How are you? I hope you are doing well, it is a pleasure to be able to write to you again, thanking you for continuing your support in times of crisis and frustration around the world, supporting me in my education and my daily life with your effort, it is very valuable and important to me. . Tomorrow is my first day in the seventh semester, online, the online model represents a problem but I will find a way, I always do, I will trust that I will have a plan and everything will work out. I have to carry out my professional practices, my research seminar to carry out my thesis and I left my constitutional service unfinished, I hope the University has a plan on these subjects. Tomorrow my school begins with a welcome presentation from the principal, and on Tuesday my classes begin with the doctor, "Dr. Susana Vidrio”.  My experience last semester was good, but this semester I am not very sure. Today was a long day of work at the restaurant, we keep the health instructions to avoid infections, I worked late and my direct boss told us about his long-term plans, it was interesting but it really is not in my interest to continue in the future with the restaurant, I learned a lot and although many experiences were not good, it was learning! But I do not share a feeling of belonging unlike my colleagues, the work of a waiter is incredible there are great satisfactions, most people treat you as a friend, other people not as you would like. Customer service is very difficult to explain. By the way also thank you for supporting us with a pantry and the backpack that contained everything I needed, it was very useful and it helped me a lot. 

Thank you!


Dear Godfathers of the Rotary Club Of Westminster   
Hello dear godparents How are you? I hope you are very well, first I want to tell you that thank you very much for continuing to support me in my academic training, I feel very good to keep in touch with me.
The school is still very different, it has its advantages and disadvantages, I really believe that I do well with my evaluations, I have problems with a specific subject and I may need to repeat an exam, I am frustrated, but I try not to think about it and prepare for evaluation, I really do not worry that I am sure that the test will be only theoretical and I am very good at remembering concepts.
I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving, in Mexico I don't think it's a celebration, it's really a normal day without a lot of organization, well I don't really know someone around to celebrate it, but on one occasion I had read about a book and in a very deep part about the exact moment when families stayed at the table , exchanging topics of conversation, laughter and intimate feelings about how they feel, the book may be very exaggerated but it sounds incredibly comfortable.
Tomorrow I'll change jobs, same restaurant different branch, I hope everything goes well. I send you a big hug, thank you so much for being there.
Thank you very much for the financial support and the pantry, I say good-bye. 
sincerely: José