Computer for Kids (C4K)

The purpose of C4K is to receive donated computers, refurbish them and donate them to needy kids. Students must demonstrate to their teachers that they will put the computer to good use for their education. Non-Rotary volunteers work each Saturday to ensure the computers are in good working order and loaded with up-to-date software. The chairman of C4K, Roger Gudenkauf works with volunteer Rotarians to clean and organize the computers. About once a month there is a distribution of computers to local students. 
Rotarians clean computers.
Rotarians clean computers.
Rotarians clean computers.
Student picks up her own computer.

Donate Your Computer

Anyone is able to contribute a computer to C4K. Local government and business entities contribute a number of modern computers. There is a minimum system requirement for donating a laptop or desktop computer.

Listed below are those minimum specs:

  •  A computer running Windows 7 or later, no more than five years old, using an Intel I-3 to I-7 processor chip
  • Keyboard and Mouse

Beyond that, we don't require, but would prefer:

  •  4 Gigabytes of Random Access memory (RAM)
  • At least a 40 Gigabyte, or greater, Hard Disk
  • CD-Drive, preferably CDRW/DVD drive
  • Working flat screen monitor (working is important, as monitors are becoming too expensive to recycle) 

For more information please write to Roger at: